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On April 22,1982 this $85 box arrived on my doorstep. I had written the check a few days earlier and had to hustle to pick up an extra shift at Rocky’s Sub Pub to cover my check before Mary Kay Inc cashed it.

After crunching a bunch of numbers and GREATLY LOWERING my estimates from data that is no longer available I know that over $250 Million Dollars has circulated through the US economy because of this box.

This numbers reflects an estimated $200+ Million in products purchased and sold. Estimated $7+ Million car payments and an estimated $40+ Million in commissions spread out through hundreds of consultants and directors. This does not take into account gifts, trips, diamonds,jewerly or cash compensation for prizes.

A MK small business circulates money in YOUR local economy. Over 50% of this $250,000,000 came back to the towns of my consultants. When you purchase mascara from your local consultant we released today you helped all business in YOUR town. When you host a MK party you increased that exponentially.

Shop local is NOT just a trendy thing to say. It is how communities grow and prosper.

The other money? Where did it go? We manufacture our products in the USA. It went to farmers, loggers, truck drivers, factory workers, chemists, administrative assistants, computer programmer, advertisers, janitors ………… the LIST IS LITERALLY ENDLESS.

Call your MK gal today. Make a purchase, book a facial/ party or consider helping not only your family but your local economy by starting your own MK business. A $100 BOX will arrive on your doorstep. What will it be worth a few years from now?