Linda Toupin - Choice of Determination

It is rare for me to be so distraught that I sit in the floor and cry. Sob really.  Mainly in June.  Actually always in June.

June, you see, is the Final 4, Super Bowl, World Series and Masters of Mary Kay. People depend on my communication more than ever. Words of encouragement and strategy is not only a daily but sometimes hourly necessity.

Last week was one of those times. Right on par with what happens EVERY TIME you set a HUGE goal—- EVERYTHING around you begins to fall apart. Internet doesn’t work, secretary has a family emergency, email server I have used for 20+ years is put out to pasture, UPS packages don’t arrive on time…you get the picture.

During my meltdown I, for the first time, noticed IT. The IT that I believe has contributed greatly to my success. In the middle of my plea with my email host I noticed the shift. I went deep inside myself and immediately pulled myself from despair and before I ended the call I was calculating plan A, B, C and D. I REFUSED  to give in to defeat. I found my fire, grit, and will to win.

That quality I believes lives within each of us. It is reflected in this picture I love so much of Wren. Feet firmly planted, relaxed shoulders, hands open, eyes firmly focused, chin slightly lifted. THAT girl lives in you.

The world has a way of beating her up and stealing her. Find her and you will find your TRUE SELF.