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As I was preparing to drive away from the 4000th trip to Goodwill this week the clerk rushed out shouting “Are you Linda Chesnut Toupin?” In her hand were these. My 1988 star consultant file cabinet that I finally said goodbye to had them in the bottom drawer. 62 cards that had never been used. At one time I had over $300,000 available to me at 19.9+ % interest.

The year was 2008. Millions of lives were forever changed by the crash of the stock market. There were senate hearings and endless hours of talking heads telling us who to blame.

My mantra is “I am where I am by the choices I have made or allowed others to make for me.” No one put a gun to our heads to sign up for those crazy mortgages, to buy things we couldn’t afford or to sign our names to the back of cards that were mailed to us. EVERYONE who used credit unwisely was to blame.

I am so thankful that Mary Kay Inc, was then, and is today, a debt-free company. What many of you don’t know is that a few years prior to the crash NSD @pamelashaw said at a corporate advisory board meeting “Our people are 1 credit card away from financial disaster.” A few months later the company asked Suzi Orman to speak at Leadership conference. We are blessed by wise leaders who make decisions not for the moment but for the future.

CHOICES. All choices.

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