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Blogging. I don’t know… it feels like I am back in the 8th grade and writing in my diary. What should I tell this blank screen? I sure hope it is deeper and more meaningful than what I wrote in 1967 “ I can’t believe he didn’t speak to me at lunch, he hurt my feelings. I thought he liked me.”


Today was my last day in my whimsical yellow house. 18 months ago I decided to move from Louisville to Lexington and find a home close to my son Neil, his wife Hana and my new granddaughter Wren. My brother Tom, who you will learn about as time goes on, called me to let me know his friend Wade and new wife Sara had a house they were selling and would probably rent it to me temporarily. I walked in and immediately said ‘”I’ll take it.” The love affair started and it proved to be all that and even more.

During the last 10 months we have all lived here together as Neil finished Medical School, Hana became the Educator Coordinator for the Down Syndrome of Central Kentucky and Wren said her first words, became successful in putting herself to sleep and learned to pee in the potty. A home run for all by anyone’s standards I think.

With Neil’s Child Neurology 5 year residency now matched in Lexington it was time to eliminate the 30 minute rush hour drive from the outer edge of the county and move downtown, close to the hospital and back into separate homes.

As fate would have it we hit the jackpot and found an incredible  home renovator, HAPPY KYLE who you will also learn about as time goes on. The kids found a lovely, bright, light, airy HAPPY KYLE renovated home that opens into the park and my HAPPY KYLE newly renovated, 3 story brownstone is just a couple blocks away. Although it is not an ideal size fit for me, I will stay for a while until I find the perfect one.

Homes are like old friends. They comfort and welcome you when you need them the most.

Goodbye my yellow friend,
Linda Toupin