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International travel typically involves you being awake for a minimum of 24-36 hours. How you pack your carry-ons, to say the least, is CRITICAL in how you feel when you arrive.

In addition in the small remote chance your luggage DOESN’T arrive can you make it with what you have with you? It is very challenging for luggage to catch up to a cruise ship.

Carry-on roller bag: ?? 3 mix & outfits including pieces I wore on the plane
?swim suit, cover up, yoga wear & flip-flops ? hair brush, curlers & flat iron
In my carry-on tote: Cozy wrap & warm socks (airplanes are notoriously cold?)

️Laptop, mophie charger (in case the plane doesn’t have plugs) noise-cancelling head sets
️Notebook, Reading material ️Neck pillow, eye mask ️Toothbrush, mouth wash & gum ️Cosmetics & toiletries in small containers