The Choices you have at 62

Last week I had a birthday.

My dad said this week as he aged his mind stayed the same but his body wore out. I guess that’s the way it works. One of those inevitable laws of nature.

Unsure how I feel about this whole process but I know I’m sure excited about the next 30 years. […]

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My Choices Adventure Linda Toupin

Today as I prepare to fly home I am filled with emotion, wonder and awe at all I have seen and experienced. 4 years ago when I began this yearly August adventure I had no idea it would turn into MY MOST FAVORITE thing I do.

This years’ 1153 mile journey, over the last 13 days, […]

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The Choices You Make When Everything Goes Wrong

It is rare for me to be so distraught that I sit in the floor and cry. Sob really.  Mainly in June.  Actually always in June.

June, you see, is the Final 4, Super Bowl, World Series and Masters of Mary Kay. People depend on my communication more than ever. Words of encouragement and strategy is […]

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Know Yourself – Choices to Learn and Grow

I am by nature a loner. I love eating by myself & living alone. In my early career I did not have MK girlfriends by choice. Honestly I didn’t have time, between kids, a home & to be frank I felt pouring into my customers, consultants & directors was a far better use of my […]

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Choices When Traveling Internationally


International travel typically involves you being awake for a minimum of 24-36 hours. How you pack your carry-ons, to say the least, is CRITICAL in how you feel when you arrive.

In addition in the small remote chance your luggage DOESN’T arrive can you make it with what you have with you? It is very challenging […]

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One CHOICE That Changed My Life


On April 22,1982 this $85 box arrived on my doorstep. I had written the check a few days earlier and had to hustle to pick up an extra shift at Rocky’s Sub Pub to cover my check before Mary Kay Inc cashed it.

After crunching a bunch of numbers and GREATLY LOWERING my estimates from data […]

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Positive Debt and Credit Choices Made


As I was preparing to drive away from the 4000th trip to Goodwill this week the clerk rushed out shouting “Are you Linda Chesnut Toupin?” In her hand were these. My 1988 star consultant file cabinet that I finally said goodbye to had them in the bottom drawer. 62 cards that had never been used. […]

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My First Blog on Blogging and the Yellow House


Blogging. I don’t know… it feels like I am back in the 8th grade and writing in my diary. What should I tell this blank screen? I sure hope it is deeper and more meaningful than what I wrote in 1967 “ I can’t believe he didn’t speak to me at lunch, he hurt my feelings. […]

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